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Health & Recreation



Our gym is fully equipped with modern cardiovascular technology – which consist of Life-Fitness bike,  Life-Fitness treadmill, Power Jog treadmill, Life-Fitness stepping,  Abdominiser, mats and hand held free weights. En-suite changing rooms are provided. The gym is located in a tranquil setting with fresh fruit, mineral water and magazines available. Pilate’s sessions can also be arrange in the Gym or in the privacy of some of our larger suites. Hidden light fixtures and an innovative use of colors and lighting creates the illusion of being outdoors, reinforcing the fitness room’s soothing ambiance. Above the equipment area is a stretching loft for warming up, cooling down or personal exercises.



Sauna & Steam room

A sauna is a wonderful place to relax after a hectic work day, as well as being healthy. As sauna increases the metabolism, improves the blood flow and makes it easier to breath. In addition, it also lowers blood pressure levels – at least momentarily. The steam also relaxes the mind. In addition to physical cleanliness, a sauna also cleanses the mind.

At our hotel you can enjoy a wide range of sauna facilities. Here having a sauna isn’t just sitting in a hot room, it’s a time for contemplation and relaxation and when you have a sauna in our Sauna World it’s always a very special experience each and every time.




Swimming pool & Jacuzzi


Whether you want to cool down and ease those aching muscles after a workout, or simply take a relaxing swim, take a dip in our large temperature-controlled indoor swimming pool. What’s more, with a separate kid’s swimming pool, this is a perfect place for the whole family to enjoy a fun escape from the heat of the day.

Timings: Open daily from 08:00 am – 10:00 pm